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12 May 2020 – Article information from Motor Authority.

Volvo are currently looking at using roof mounted Lidar sensors in production cars from 2020.  These sensors work in a similar fashion to radar but use light instead of radio waves.  These sensors are crucial to self-driving cars to be able to drive on highways using radar and cameras, which is currently being used in testing of the self-driving feature.

Volvo is also looking at launching a coupe-type SUV, apparently being called the XC100-Recharge.  It is going to be an electric only model set for release in 2023. A re-designed XC90 is also set to be released in 2022 offering a hybrid and a battery-electric range.

On the 20 May 2020 Volvo announced that they will be introducing an electronic speed limiter to their cars, starting with the 2021 models.  The limiter will cap the top speed of the Volvo’s to 180km p/h. The reason for the limiter is to improve road safety and to promote safer driving.  

This limiter will not be added to the Polestar range of Volvo’s.

Volvo will also be introducing the new Care Key that will allow drivers to set limits below 180km p/h when lending keys to a new driver in the family.