About us

Who we are:

  Swedespeed Auto is an owner operated company:

 •   With 19 years Volvo experience.
 •   Trained in Sweden on the Volvo product.
 •   Spent over 5 years working with Volvo South Africa as                   National Technical Manager.
 •   Drive & own several Volvo cars.                                                       •   Very passionate about Volvo cars. 


What we do:

At Swedespeed Auto we specialize purely on Volvo vehicles which means that your Volvo is in the best hands possible for the job.

We know your Volvo inside and out and will make sure that you get quality service at a competitive rate.

We offer genuine Volvo parts & are able to supply OE equivalent parts on request. Second hand parts also available where possible.

Why we do it:

With a passion for everything Volvo, we strive to provide our clients with a sense of ease knowing that their vehicle is in good hands and will be handled professionally.

Our primary aim is to provide the best possible service to our client at an affordable rate.

Swedespeed Auto are not affiliated with Volvo Car Corporation and is purely a independent workshop specializing in the repairs of these vehicles.

We offer the following services to Volvo cars:

Scheduled services

Regular maintenance

General repairs

Air conditioning regas

Engine repairs & overhauls

Electronic fault tracing

& so much more...

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